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A Solid Foundation


We Can’t Have It All

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  • IMAG0724

    10:09 pm

    A Solid Foundation

    What is a person but a culmination of their experiences. Right? Well, sure we can throw in some innate personality traits. But the personality traits only really affect how someone is deals with their experiences. And I also think that some of ones personality is created from ones experiences. So basically personality helps interpret and…

  • IMAG0628

    10:11 pm

    We Can’t Have It All

    Well, it’s been a few weeks it seems. Time flies when the weather sucks. If I haven’t yet established the fact that I hate winter and more specifically cold weather (which I consider under 60°F), well here I go again: There is absolutely nothing worse than winter. I hate the snow, I hate the cold,…

  • Bronchoband

    8:43 pm

    Broncho “China”

    Broncho is my new favorite band, I’m just bummed they only have TWO albums. But they are both GREAT albums. The single from the sophomore album Just Enough Hip To Be A Woman (2014) is called Class Historian, which is a tight song, but not my most admired. Here is the jewel:

  • IMAG0450 (1)

    8:04 pm

    Routine Rules

    Routine is something I think all creatures, including human creatures really thrive on. Even if you subscribe to the free spirit kind of personality, undoubtedly routine still rules a large part of your life. This is why I hate traveling. My sleeping, waking, exercise, eating, drinking, riding, and writing are all thrown out of whack….

  • IMAG0269

    8:12 pm

    Baby Steps

    It’s been three weeks and so much has happened. We had a little downtime due to weather. It sadly hit BELOW zero for about four days. While the indoor was probably warm enough to ride in. I just wasn’t mentally prepared for that temperature. I really, really needed more of an ease into arctic winter….

  • NightRider

    10:11 pm

    Progress Bars

    It’s been two weeks since my last update and in some ways it feels like nothing has happened since. So lets see: Alice has NOT lost a shoe since we switched farriers. Woot! We owned trot poles, she handled that like a champ! We hacked out in the field for the first time last week…