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Tall Omaha

Weakness is not tolerated.

“Nice horse. Looks like a bunch of spare parts put together!” teases the track worker.

“I’m not f*%king whining!” Max yells at her calloused trainer.

“These animals gotta’ live!” screams Richard to his roughnecks.

The rejected racehorse, the forsaken young girl, and the aging horseman; in this race, even the most resilient are dead last.

Nevertheless, someone is going to win ribbons on that drugged-up horse. Richard the horse dealer is sure of it. But his insight will not keep the red filly — nor her compatriots — alive for much longer. Even after all the blood he’s spilled, Richard still believes a strong, sound Thoroughbred belongs in some athletic endeavor.

Just not at the track.

For some lucky horses, 16 year-old Max might help them avoid the slaughter-bound double deckers. While working at a hoity-toity hunter/jumper barn cleaning stalls and helping retrain ex-racehorses, Max — who’s out on her own — has managed to stay in the saddle and make just enough money to get by. Barely. Not always legally. And definitely with the help of her punk-rock friends.

Like Max, the red filly is also discarded. Scared and alone — and stuck with Richard — she knows she’s not long for the world.

In Tall Omaha, the most unexpected people and places provide safe-haven for throwaway youth. Every little girl wants a pony, every pony wants a home, and every teenager dreams of their independence. Through Tall Omaha’s parallel and intersecting journeys, a tough young girl and bright red filly both fight against abuse and neglect. It’s the story about what actually happens to that majestic animal after its racing days are over.

Far from the Kentucky Derby, running’s no longer an option.

Tall Omaha is available at Amazon.com in Kindle and Paperback Formats

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Green: The Missing Horseback Rider’s Guide to Keeping Your Money, Sanity & Joy

Green contains 25 biting chapters of useful horse-world information including how to find a barn, what to do with horse crazy kids, conquering riding goals, re-starting as an adult, the real scoop on “horse whisperers,” and the timeless answer to “How much should I pay for a horse?”

Green is one woman’s quest to prevent you from making mistakes, burning out, and quitting horses altogether. It is the missing horse manual you always wanted.

Why I Had to Write Green

Over the years, I’ve encountered the best and the worst of what the horse world has to offer. I’ve shown Grand Prix Jumpers at the Big AA horse shows, I’ve slept in dirty hay, I’ve worked many jobs inside the horse industry.

But at the end of the day, I’m just like you. I’m not a professional.

I have a job to go to in the morning. I have finances at home to counter against my horse addiction. I have to ride everyday. I balance a family life. I want the best for me and my equine companion.

And regarding time, money, or friendships, I have little room for error.

I’ve been riding as long as I could walk. I love horses more than anything. And the hardest realization I made long ago was that there are MANY forces surrounding the pure, soulful, act of riding that are working against the normal horsewoman. Many forces that will pry you from your money, pry you from your passions, and strip you from your means and might to keep at this wonderful sport.

Trainers, barn managers, fellow equestrians; few outside of your very close circle actually have your best riding interest at heart. I’ve been lucky—burned a few times but with a keen eye that has served me well.

Many other horse riding girlfriends have not faired so well. People fleeced on horse deals, lied to by trainers, and burned out of the whole industry. No one is safe. Backyard riders to stay-at-home corporate wives; sometimes those with the most have the most to lose.

In writing Green: The (Missing) Horseback Rider’s Guide for Keeping Your Money, Sanity, and Joy, my primary goal is to keep you on track to accomplish your goals, keep you vigilant, and keep you happy and healthy in horses.

I want you to ride horses peacefully for a long time. I want to help you avoid shady practices. And most importantly, I want to give you a peak behind the curtain of the myriad instances where an advanced horse education will serve you well.

Green is my attempt to level the playing field in your favor. Since not everyone has a trusted, personal guide to help with horse decisions big and small, hopefully this book will become your quick and easy-to-read companion for years to come.

Maybe keep an extra copy in the tack trunk, yeah?

Green: the (Missing) Horseback Rider’s Guide for Keeping Your Money, Sanity, and Joy Full Chapter List

  1. How to Find a Barn
  2. Lesson Horses: The Reality
  3. What Defines a Good Trainer?
  4. Whither Humility
  5. How Do I Know I Had a Good Lesson?
  6. The Adult Rider
  7. So You’ve Got a Horse Crazy Kid?
  8. Buying or Leasing a Pony
  9. Goal Realization
  10. Showing, Explained
  11. Money Commitments
  12. Time Commitments
  13. When to Lease a Horse
  14. When to Buy a Horse
  15. So You Don’t Know What You’re Doing…and You Just Bought a Horse
  16. A Primer on Barn Etiquette
  17. Winners, Losers, and a Whole Lot of Dreck
  18. When the Crazies Ratify a Constitution
  19. The Only Chapter on Equipment
  20. You’re Looking for a Horse Whisperer Because You Were Sold a Horse You Can’t Handle
  21. The Importance of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Opinions
  22. What to do if You Get in Over Your Head
  23. Education Fights Deception
  24. Good Horsemanship
  25. The Bonus Chapter from Kristine’s Husband

Green is available at Amazon.com in Kindle and Paperback Formats

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