Progress Bars



It’s been two weeks since my last update and in some ways it feels like nothing has happened since.

So lets see:

Alice has NOT lost a shoe since we switched farriers. Woot!

We owned trot poles, she handled that like a champ!

We hacked out in the field for the first time last week (see video below).

Alice has become lazy as hell (also seen in video below).

We jumped our first fences out in the field! Woot!


We have gotten close to perfecting our crop circles!


We did our first night ride complete with jumps!


She did some hacking with other horses with only minor explosions. We still have a LONG way to go on this front.

Those would be our biggest feats of the past 14 days. Not bad I suspect.

We had one BAD incident. Well, it of course was entirely my fault…

So I’ve been dedicating one day a week to lunging her. Either in the round pen or on the line. This gives her the opportunity to run like a lunatic for a few minutes, which she needs, and then also make sure she is balanced without me. Basically a check to make sure I’m not micromanaging and/or completely responsible for her straightness and/or holding her up. I never trust myself.

The field with the jumps we jumped is on an incline, so after I let her have some fun in the round pen I thought I’d take her out and have her work on the hill for a few minutes as she is not balanced enough to do much with me on her back yet.

I brought the chain, but she was quiet in the round pen.

But it was the afternoon and I don’t work her very often in the afternoon, schedule changes can make any horse a little whacko.

As we walked out to the field I was gauging her attitude. It was laid back, like usual. Shit, no gloves. That’s a bad move. But, she’s quite, we’ll be fine.

We got to the spot. I considered the chain. I HATE lunging with a chain. Fuck it. No chain.

I asked her to trot. She gave a lazy trot, one time around, a little bigger circle, twice around, then…like a fucking bullet, she exploded.

And yes, I tried to hang on. Like an idiot.

As I felt the skin peeling from my fingers I didn’t even decide to let go, my skin, just, let go.

And she was off.

I wasn’t worried, I knew she would run away. She went right to where she was supposed to go, her paddock. It was turnout time. Her gate was closed so she panicked a little but then saw me coming and just stood like a statue.

Good girl.

Fucking fingers on fire.

But no time to deal with my meat ground hands, time to get our field lunge on, this time with chain!

Our second time walking back to the field was a little more challenging, what with a fire breathing dragon horse.

Got the chain on and she thought it was race time, again.

That is until she hit the chain. Then she was a very well mannered horse on the lunge line.

I had her walk, trot, and canter in both directions, then made her walk, like a lady around both fields to calm her ass down.

Finally she got her attitude right and was all good.

So who’s the idiot?

That would be me.

Did I learn a lesson?

How the fuck can I learn a lesson I already know? I KNEW I should have gloves on, the back of my head said put the damn chain on. But “laziness cuts like a knife” Bad Books – Forest Whitaker – that and arrogance. Am I right?

Well outside of that, I have moved to carrying a crop. Initially for our canter transitions, but she did get in a bit of a laziness stage, which I know is partly boredom, but she needs to move forward when asked. No nagging!

She’s spoiled.

She’s disgusting (sleeps in her piss EVERY NIGHT).

She’s adorable.

She’s kind.

She’s tolerant.

And today she proved why she’s so spoiled.

I got out to the barn a little before 9am. It was 68°F but windy as hell. Other riders were going inside, the gusts were 50+ mph.

We were going outside.

Alice could care less, even when the gust brought huge pieces of paper and plastic flying at us in the ring.

She even jumped a few small jumps, one of which, the flower boxes fell over right before we got there. She could care less.

Mind you the temp was steadily going down until shortly after I got home, this was the weather:


Alice has moments of being a young 4yr old OTTB, but overall she is just a champ that loves to do stuff and doesn’t have no in her.

More rides to come, can’t wait. Even though it seems like we aren’t getting anywhere, it sure looks as though we are. One ride at a time.

***On a completely different subject, comments had to be disabled for the ENTIRE website. Too many people trying to sell penis enlargements, gucci bags, Canadian Rx, and Russians. I HATE that I had to do it, but for now, until I can figure out how to install a captcha deal, it’s that or no website!***


Equestrian author, rider, and horse advocate Kristine Oakhurst has performed every equestrian related job there is from being a groom, vet tech, stall cleaner, catch rider, barn manager, trainer, and even board member for a breed committee. Her first novel about a discarded ex-racehorse and homeless 16 year old girl has just been published. [Checkout Tall Omaha at Amazon]