Ask Frankie: Manure Rights



Poop Permission?

Name:Gregg A.
Location: NM
Horse: Appendix QH
Discipline: The wife does Dressage.
Rider Age: No Way!

I’ve been searchin’ and searchin’ and searchin’ for some information on manure art and I just can’t find anything. Well some photography is out there, but that’s about it. See my wife she rides dressage, she’s got herself a fancy little horse. That’s what they say anyway. I travel to the shows, drive the rig, hold the horse, clap (softly) when it seems appropriate. But something I have found, especially at the shows is that the horses tend to loosen up. Ya know. Get the runs a bit. Well, I’m an artsy kind of guy and I started bringing canvas to the shows and slipping’ the canvas on the ground when I think one of the horses is gonna drop a load. Real interesting splatters, the color is not as nice as I’d like a little heavy on the greens. But I’m working on that. My question is, what’s the etiquette? Do I ask before I slip the canvas under? The few times I’ve done it, I’ve mostly gone unseen, except from the wife. But her horse doesn’t work, he’s got nerves of steel.

Frankie Sez:
Frankie Holsteiner Ask Well, well, Gregg. I been to New Mexico, showed there myself and I gotta say, Frank would like some credit if you were to, make some greens from my greens. And the Frank ain’t got nerves of steel. Well, I got good nerve’s but travel does a number on my nards. So you’d have some great splatter from the Frank.

The lady, well now the Frank can guarantee she’d string you up if you slid somethin’ anywhere near me without first askin’. But my lady, she don’t take, well, manure, from anyone and wouldn’t appreciate you takin’ mine without prior approval of course.

So the Frank says ask before hand, plus you might find yourself in a messy situation with the wrong equid.

Kristine Sez:
New Mexico is on my bucket list of places to live, you have further peaked my interest. And my experience of New Mexico is that there is a fairly large art culture there, so good for you. Interesting concept, but I would definitely ask before you slide that canvas. You don’t want to get kicked, by horse or human.