Kettlebells Suck: Do Them Anyway



Horseback riding is my number one activity of choice, but riding horses doesn’t feel much like exercise when you have been doing it for your whole life. Most days, I do work up a sweat in the saddle, but I sleep so much better when I’m tired at the end of the day.

Kettlebells make me tired.

Ergo, I try to make sure I get good and tired during the day (mentally and physically). As a person of the female persuasion, I also have to take into account that my bones need a workout, and that workout must include some sort of weight practice.

I don’t do gyms.

I hate the gym.

Have I mentioned how much I loath the gym?

Well, I absolutely fucking despise the gym.

So I do my exercises at home or outside.

Kettlebell Workouts Kick My Ass

I have pretty much decided that kettlebells are my weight program of choice. And by choice, I mean I hate them so much I almost cry the two days a week that I require myself to do them.

A handful of times, I’ve actually considered faking an injury to get out of doing them. That’s right, faking an injury to myself.

So I do kettlebells.

Forty-five minutes, twice a week.

I cannot tell you how much I hate doing kettlebells.

Have I told you that I don’t like kettlebells?

OMG I fucking hate kettlebells, which is why I call them kettlehells.

But I do them anyway. Yep, I talk myself into it. I’m never in a good mood about a half hour before the kettlebell event, during the kettlebell event, and about five minutes after the kettlebell event. It’s just best to not talk to me. Or make eye contact.

But damnit, kettlebells keep me ripped. (And tired. Mostly tired.)