Frankie getting ready

Time of Day: Early Morning
Ride Conditions: FREEZING at 59 degrees!
Ride Time: 45 minutes
Ride Location: Ring/driveway
Saddle: Huntseat
Equipment: Dressage whip, spurs, & locking snaffle
Today’s Goal: Try out the new course

Ride Notes

I’m still sick. Better, but not 100%. I’ve also completely overbooked myself with personal/business related events this week so I’m running myself extra ragged.

Happiness is something I think we all strive for, right? Well I can promise you happiness if you do the following two things. Both of which Josh forced me to do last night and this morning despite my shitty attitude and my very intimidating demeanor.

Exercise. With my soar throat, horrible sinus pain/drainage, headache, lack of sleep, and general exhaustion I had every excuse in the book to NOT exercise. But usually I do some form of physical exertion at least five days a week, on top of riding. But with being sick that had fallen to the wayside. I dont exercise to loose weight, I don’t do it to manage weight, or get buff. I do it because I sleep better at night and I’m generally much happier when I’m not sleeping. Scientific fact –> people that exercise regularly are happier. So as much as I often don’t feeling like going on a run or doing kettle-bells. I know I feel better overall if I do.

So I had my excuses loaded last night when it was time for our run. Josh didn’t let me off that easy. So I conceded and said “fine, I’ll run, but I’m not doing the full run and I’m gonna run slow.” That’ll teach ‘em.

Well pretty much immediately after I started running, I felt better. Happy. Good. So I ran far and I ran fast and I felt fucking fabulous. My sinuses drained during the run, which was disgusting but also made me feel better. I got a burst of energy despite my less than five hours of sleep the previous night.

So take your excuses of time, tiredness, sickness and shove them up your ass and get out and move. I PROMISE you will feel better, especially if you do that regularly.

OKAY now onto number two.

Ride. Okay for those who read this and don’t ride horses then do what it is you do that makes everything else fade into the background. Knit, paint, write, draw, built, skate, birdwatch, squirrel watch, jump rope, whatever. But do it.

I didn’t want to wake up. I need sleep. I haven’t gotten enough sleep. I will not get enough sleep again, tonight. Guaranteed. But Josh didn’t let my excuses win. So I got up. I went to the barn. I saw Frank.

He wasn’t in much of a mood to be workin’ out either. So I encouraged him, like Josh encouraged me.

We had a new course!

New Course

I left the jumps small so we could test out the distances without me and my lazy ass having to walk them. I did make one modification:


I double stacked the stranded boxes. That would be a fun jump.

Frank started off slow and stiff, then Frank, like me during the run got a burst of energy. He was feeling good. I let him go a little, in the ring. He had a great canter, gave me a few leaps when I put my leg on. Weeeeee!

Nice Frank.

So we jumped around the mini course. He did his best hunter impression yet. Everything rode nicely, except the three stride. It was really short. I’ll have to walk it later, see if it’s really short or if I need to just rein the Frank in a little. His stride has shortened with age/arthritis, but it’s still a big step so I don’t want to judge a three stride without some actual measurements.

Either way we had a wicked fun ride. I was smiling ear to ear despite my soar throat, tiredness, and sinus pain.

Frankie makes me happy.

The barn makes me happy.

Coolin Out

How could it not? It’s beautiful!

And Frank is just a giant comedian in horse clothing.


I let him nosh on the persimmon tree for a few minutes, then we lazily walked around a paddock and up and down the driveway. It was chilly this morning and even though we both worked ourselves into a mild sweat, I mostly walked him dry.

Frank reminded me that since I’ve been absent he has grown increasingly itchy. So I curried him for a good 15 minutes. He was reaching for the ceiling with that upper lip. I wish I could get a picture of him when he does that. It’s hilarious.

I will probably not make it out to the barn tomorrow, but next week I’ll be back to our regular schedule and that means my overall happy bucket will be filled with Frank and for that, I consider myself very lucky.

Saddle Mark

Traffic Tunes

Artist Deathfix
Song Dali’s House
Album Deathfix
Year 2013
Genre Indie Rock


Deathfix rocks. I saw them play with Pinback this week. I never heard of them before. But I REALLY liked them when I heard them live. THEN I found out that the drummer is from Fugazi, one of the best bands ever in the world so of course they are awesome. This song is funny. I think everyone should buy their album, just sayin’.

Artist Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
Song Baby
Album Mature Themes
Year 2012
Genre Psychedelic pop


This song sound aged, in a good way. Psychedelic so of course I like it. But this song has soul and I appreciate that.

Artist Dent May
Song Born Too Late
Album Warm Blanket
Year 2013
Genre Psychedelic pop


This song is more pop than psychedelic but it makes me smile and bop around so I don’t care. I’m gonna have to get this album to see how the rest of the story goes…