Zombie Ride


Where's Frank

Ride Stats

Time of Day: Early Morning
Ride Conditions: 70 and humid
Ride Time: 45 minutes
Ride Location: Field
Saddle: Huntseat
Equipment: Dressage whip, spurs, & locking snaffle
Today’s Goal: Stretch out

Ride Notes

I was sick last week. I’m still sick. But I missed Frank and there is no way I’ll recover without a little riding. We all know that without horses we are all a bunch of bitches. So sick or not, ride we must.

I had planned on riding in the field but hadn’t anticipated the darkness that was waiting for me.

Frankie nickered to me and made his way slowly to the gate. I had stuff to do in the barn before I got him. When the barn is dark like this, it’s so peaceful.

Dark Barn

I was happy I drug myself out, despite my heavy eyes. Then I stumbled upon an out of place bucket. A rule I learned as a kid is that if there is a bucket or box that seems out of place…stop…back up…and leave it alone.


Because there is never anything good in or under a strangely placed box or bucket.

But it was early so I did the unthinkable. But first I must defend my decision because the bucket wasn’t upside down. I know, I know, rookie mistake…

Whats under the bucket

After I lifted the bucket ever so gently I was horrified by the 2″ cockroach on his back frantically working on getting himself right so he could…


Bucket replaced. Heart pounding. NEVER LOOK UNDER A FUCKING BUCKET.

I’ve made my peace with spiders. A peace treaty you could say. I don’t fuck with them, they don’t suck my eyeballs out, it’s all good.

But cockroaches. You can’t deal with cockroaches, there is no chance for a peace negotiation. They’ve got us by our balls. They know they can survive our wars, our pesticides, our poisons, our greenhouse gasses, our global warming, our fucking nuclear explosions. So cockroaches just laugh at our attempt to, you know, live in peace.

No, they run, they scatter, they freak me out. But I also cannot squish a 2″ bug. Do you have any idea how loud and messy that is? It’s no mosquito that’s for sure.

Whoever put the bucket there, they were smart. They did the right thing. I respect them.

Next time, I will not let curiosity catch me off guard.

Next time. I will be more prepared.

Net time. I will leave the bucket alone.


Now it’s time to ride.

Frankie was not impressed by my illness nor my cockroach ranting.

Whatchoo Talkin bout

He just wanted to get out and ride.

So we did.

Morning Field

If there is one thing good about the cockroach is that it did keep me busy long enough for the sun to come out so I could ride in the field.

Frankie was medium wild. By that I mean I got a hand gallop out of him and once we hit a few poles we had a full on gallop. Weeeee!


Ugh. I kind of just let Frankie take the wheel this morning. My throat hurt, my head hurt, I felt as though I didn’t actually have the strength for anything but to just sit there.

So Frankie did most the work. And it showed.


He was exhausted and even though I was just along for the ride, I was ready for a nap.

I hosed Frank down, gave him a good rub down, and just managed to get out of there in time to navigate traffic without too much hassle.

Tomorrow we will actually work on something other than a good leg stretchin’.

I want to ride across the street but I have to find out when killing season starts so I can make sure to wear some loud colored garments so we don’t end up on someone’s fire pit for dinner.

Traffic Tunes

Artist Death From Above 1979
Song Romantic Rights
Album Romantic Rights EP
Year 2004
Genre Noise Rock


This band isn’t for everyone and while this isn’t the song that I REALLY like of theirs, I can’t remember the name of the banger. But this is a good representation, in my opinion of their sound.

Artist Throw Me the Statue
Song Hi-Fi Goon
Album Creaturesque
Year 2009
Genre Indie Rock


A little more accessable than the previous song, Throw Me the Statue has a nice flowing sound, with a few stops that create a more complicated sound. I like it. The vocals are mellow and the tempo is pretty upbeat. Rock on guys.

Artist The Brian Jamestown Massacre
Song Nevertheless
Album Bravery
Year 2001
Genre Indie Rock


A tad on the folky side, this song surprisingly stuck with me. Though there is a little bit of folk in there, I hear more psychedelic rock than anything so therefore, I like it.