My Temple


My Temple

Ride Stats

Time of Day: Early Morning
Ride Conditions: 55 (FREEZING!)
Ride Time: 45 minutes
Ride Location: Field
Saddle: Huntseat
Equipment: Dressage whip, locking snaffle
Today’s Goal: Breath, relax, and let Monday slowly settle in…

Ride Notes

I was ready to wake up, I wasn’t ready to have to bundle up. It was cold. A record low possibly for Charlotte, NC. 55 degrees which is exactly forty degrees less than my favorite temperature. Though for riding maybe twenty degrees less than ideal. For Frankie, it was probably still about twenty degrees too warm.

Either way I was ready to head to my Temple.

Temple – a building or piece of land regarded as the focus of an activity, interest, or practice.

The barn is my Temple. The Temple of Frankie practice. Either works really.

I had a friend remind me of how the Temple can be tainted. Barn drama is what ruins a perfectly good Temple. One of the reasons I ride in the morning, free of other humans that can ruin a very peaceful horse experience.

We waste a lot of time in life. We work jobs that create paper that allows us to purchase things we probably don’t need and really won’t make us happy. We drive in cars that act as transportation devices, temporary living quarters, status symbols, personal nose picking pods, and the list goes on.

We stress ourselves out about money, time, self improvement, self worth, self indulgence, and then there is the unknown. That’s what really gets to most people.

For me, its the why. Why do we (as people) spend so much time devoted to things (jobs) that don’t actually make us (or anyone/thing else) happy. Of course not everyone fits that bill. There are plenty of people that are lucky enough to spend their time (at work) doing good things that benefit others (big and small).

But going to my Temple, the barn, makes everything align. At least for a little bit.

My Temple

I didn’t have a great weekend. It wasn’t horrible, nothing to complain about, but I didn’t accomplish as much as I would have liked to. But seeing the barn, the field, the sun, the HORSES, well it made the lack of accomplishment seem less important.

Shit, I’m here, at the barn, ready to get on my beast friend Frank. The field is cut, the weather is cold but I’ve got clothing to make cold not matter so let’s get this Monday started…

Yay Field

So me and Frank tooled around the field for about 45 minutes. There was no point, no plan, no goal, just go. Frank drove some of the time, he wanted to buck, but instead would just throw in a few lead changes. It was fun, it was carefree, and it was so very relaxing.

I got sweaty, my heart rate went up (a little), and Frankie and I communicated without words. It was serene and exactly the reason I ride horses in the first place. It has nothing to do with ribbons, status, bragging rights, or anything. Just moving around the earth atop a horse who hopefully is enjoying this as much as me.


Well at least I know he enjoyed the cooling out and grass noshing at the end of the ride.


There were some notes on the board that could have caused some mild irritation. They want to change the course, which is good, but a note regarding making a two stride distance worried me. I mean come on? You set the distance at some point between 33 and 36 feet and let everyone know. Don’t go making a distance to fit your horses stride. That’s not how it works. Ugh. But I decided to let it go. Breath. Breath.

So I did and hosed Mr. Frank down with the sprayer nozzle that now has a new rubber fitting so I don’t get soaked! Yay!!

It’s the little things in life that really make everything awesome. So maybe that seemingly meaningless job at the rubber donut factory has more meaning that I thought. Whoever made that replacement seal made my Monday! Thanks person who might live in China. You are the best!

Either way, me and my fellow morning Temple residents had a good start to the week.

Mini Monster

Every Temple has a perceived enemy. This little enemy is just trying to have a peaceful, quiet, relaxing day too.

No Temple is complete, for me, without my bestie, Mr. Frank.

My Bestie

He makes me smile. Always.

Traffic Tunes

Artist The Orwells
Song Other Voices
Album Other Voices
Year 2013
Genre Punk Rock


I like these guys and this song, though a little on the repetitive side is very catchy and fun. I gotta get this album!

Artist Death Grips
Song Birds
Album Single
Year 2013
Genre Hip Hop


I think I would call these guys experimental, personally. If you like structure to your songs, you aren’t going to like this. But if you’re up to see where this might go…well give it a listen and I think you’ll appreciate it. Sure, it is loosely a song, more like noise, but I still like it…

Artist Galactic
Song Doublewide
Album Vintage Reserve
Year 2003
Genre Jazz Funk


I’m a HUGE Galactic fan. I saw them at Red Rocks in Colorado with Ween and it was THE BEST CONCERT I’VE EVER SEEN! Seriously. I have this album and Ruckus and they are up there in my favorite albums. Good jams for sure. They have better songs, with some smooth ass lyrics, but this is a pure fuck, jazz, rock out, jam song. LOVE IT!