Horse Psychics


Need a horse pshychic?  Talk to a frog.

Animal relationships can be tough. Veterinary care, handling environment, and training options can impact a horse’s life dramatically. Eventually, ever horse rider reaches a point where equine progress slows or retards. It’s a rider’s fault, per se’, just that one doesn’t know what to do.

But when confusion sets in about “what’s next” for you and your equine partner, and the typical horse health and training relationships are just leading to more questions, is it really time to turn to an animal communicator?

If using a horse psychic for entertainment purposes, maybe. But usually, people (desperate) enough to use horse psychics and animal communicators are actually just looking for answers, for help. If you know anyone (yourself?) nearing consideration of hiring those “with” horse psychic powers, first, ask the rider a few questions:

1.) Do you have a veterinarian who you can trust to find answers, guide you to decisions, or point you in the direction of another veterinary medicine source?

2.) Do you have a trainer who understands both your goals and your horse’s ability?

3.) Do you have a trainer who will provide honesty about both you and your horse’s abilities?

4.) Do you not have the capacity to use reliable sources, deductive reasoning, and common sense to figure out what is best for your horse?

5.) Are you a hypochondriac horse owner?

Though a horse psychic is a great opportunity for a hypochondriac horse owner to make a new friend,
“yes” answers to questions 1-4 do not require a visit from the horse psychic.

Most likely, the punch is in the pudding (I think I just made that up). Read those questions again. If “no” answers are present, this is where time and resources need to be spent, not with an animal communicator.

Animal communicators and horse psychics are basically shrinks without the degree. Horse “shrinks” pickup on the real problem during the first phone call (hint, it’s probably not the horse).

Say a horse is refusing fences, the rider is getting very frustrated, and the rider’s nerves are starting to get the best of them. On some bad advice, the rider calls a horse psychic and asks her (and its a her, for sure) to question the horse about why it doesn’t like to jump fences. This is what happens next.

Horse, why are you afraid to jump fences?

I’m not afraid to jump, why are you afraid to jump?

WHOA! The rider gets freaking blown out of the water! The horse knows…..the rider is the one afraid to jump fences. Of course that’s why the horse is refusing. THE RIDER’S FEAR!

Horse Psychic, thank you Horse Psychic!!!! You’re a miracle worker!!!! Here’s a hundred bucks!!! Wow, what a steal!!!!!

The questions alone telegraph the real problem to animal communicators. Why would anyone assume their horse is afraid to jump fences? This assumption by the rider on the horses “feelings” is the first sign to the horse psychic that the rider is the problem. The rider assumes the horse must be scared because the rider scared. Beyond physical problems, a common reason for a horse to refuse jumping a fence is a rider’s fear or apprehension.

Horse psychics are not miracle humans who can communicate with horses via phone because of supernatural powers. Simply, horse psychics know how to read in between the lines, and they’ve got the predatory “horse psychic” marketing thing going for them. Horse psychics and animal communicators at a large, though severely…lame, are not stupid, and they know exactly what to listen for.

Every barn blabber mouth has amazing stories about miraculous healing right where a horse psychic pinpointed the problem and solution. Here’s another example:

Horse isn’t doing well in the jumper ring; refusing sporadically, pulling rails, slow, not making distances. Vet clears the horse of any lameness, stiffness, or soreness. Trainer starts schooling the horse with little improvement. Trainer and owner even get a second opinion from another veterinarian clearing the horse of any problems. What to do?! Dundadadun!!!! Call the horse psychic!

It’s a jumper I have owned for 2 years, I’ve shown her extensively in the AA jumpers and my trainer has showed her in level 5-6 and is moving her up to level 6-7. The horse started having problems about 8 months ago on and off. Help! Please talk to her.”

Okay! Great! Give me a second….[stalls]….mmmhum…yes, I see…oh…ohhhhh…okay…mhum. Your horse is bored with showing and wants to relax and spend some quality time with you. Your horse simply wants some down time.

Wow!!! I’ll give her three months off! Thank you horse psychic!

No (crazy) horse owner, thank you for your patronage.

Three months later, the mare comes back great! Why? Not because the horse psychic spoke with the mare. From the description, the mare was tired, potentially disinterested, or overfaced. Time off refreshes a horse experiencing any of those issues. If it was already known the horse was physically sound, a prognosis of boredom, disinterest, or yearn for down time could be the only three causes of poor performance induced by several riders.

Deductive Equine Reasoner just doesn’t sound as profitable as Horse Psychic.

The sad thing is, I could rattle off about eight more examples of situations like the one above where riders just swear by the psychic’s ability to not only speak to the horse, but also “fix” the horse’s problem! I guess, in some ways, the psychic did in fact “fix” the horse, but not by speaking to them.

In short, horse psychics are not needed to fix problems with equine relationships. Quality veterinarians, trainers, and farriers are a horse owner’s key to solving equine relationship roadblocks.

Don’t fall for the farce of supernatural, spiritual horse communication though psychics. Horse riders need to examine their own problems and pitfalls before staring in on a horse who is known to be sound (and even then, still). Flat out, a horses’ owner or rider may be it’s biggest problem. The second biggest problem may be the horse’s trainer.

If the horse seems to endure a physical issue and the veterinarian isn’t finding anything, a second medical opinion is needed. If that doesn’t turn up anything, the rider is either a hypochondriac horse owner, or maybe the horse just needs a change of routine.

There are enough ways to get deceived in the horse world, and the term “horse psychic” itself screams as such. Please, don’t fall for a horse psychic’s deception, unless, that is, you’re looking for a method to deceive yourself.

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