Horse Nose Chains – Get Over It, Sometimes Your Horse Acts Like A S*!t


horse nose chain

I know that many people think that putting a chain over a horse’s nose is cruel. Well, you know what’s even crueler? Making someone walk your idiot horse in from the pasture when they are trying to jump on top of you, bite you, strike out, or otherwise dangerously misbehave!

A firm jerk on the nose chain effectively reminds a horse who’s calling the shots.

Although he is incredibly well mannered and trained, my horse can be a complete jerk at times. And here are two very important facts: he weighs over 1300 pounds, and he is a horse. When handling, this means a little nose chain “security” is okay. Every horse—I don’t care how docile you think your little angel is – can act like an idiot and at those times, a little extra restraint is very helpful.

There is nothing worse than a horse that has never had any discipline. Additionally, a horse that has been properly disciplined usually knows what achain over the nose means and you don’t even need to use it. This “discipline” doesn’t mean inflicting pain, causing bleeding, bruising, or any trauma at all. What this “discipline” does is simply remind the horse, “Hey, listen to ME!” A firm jerk on the chain effectively reminds a horse who’s calling the shots. Guess what? With nose chains, horses don’t even get hurt, and most importantly, neither does the person walking your horse.


Equestrian author, rider, and horse advocate Kristine Oakhurst has performed every equestrian related job there is from being a groom, vet tech, stall cleaner, catch rider, barn manager, trainer, and even board member for a breed committee. Her first novel about a discarded ex-racehorse and homeless 16 year old girl has just been published. [Checkout Tall Omaha at Amazon]